Writing as a Target Skill

Writing is usually the skill that learners find most difficult: not only do they have to think about the content of what to write down and how, but they also have to pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. There is nothing to fear, because we will encourage your writing development with communicative writing activities and appropriate practice materials. On the one hand, you will have to cope with writing tasks in our live sessions (e.g. reply to an email, write an invitation, etc.), and on the other hand, you will be given extensive writing tasks to do and submit outside of class every week.

For example, you have to describe your daily routine, express your opinion on a topic, describe something, etc.). Extensive writing assignments are intentionally not scheduled during class time so that you can effectively write your text without pressure. Our teachers will relieve you through preliminary phases where you will be given text samples to recognize, mark, and write out parts of speech. The more tools (text analysis strategies, idioms, etc.) we give you to recognize text types, the sooner you will be able to write a wide variety of texts. Furthermore, during your writing phase, you can ask the teacher for help at any time during the consultation hours, which will take place once a week.

The writing assignments will be checked directly after submission and, if necessary, corrections will be made during the live sessions. They will be taught work techniques and methods to learn to work on their "mistakes" permanently to correct them.

Here are some of our methods:

  • Writing related to real communication situations such as: Postcards, letters, filling out forms, etc.
  • Creative and free writing exercises such as: Associogram, word hedgehog, etc.
  • Building grammatical exercises such as: Sentence construction exercises, sentence combination exercises, grammatical topic usage exercises.
  • Preparatory exercises such as: Development, expansion and consolidation of vocabulary, activation of existing knowledge, development and consolidation of idioms, practice of spelling and punctuation.

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