Interesting everyday topics
Confidence in the German language
Use of colloquial language
Error correction over exam recordings
Everything You Need to Speak German Fluently
In our online conversation courses we offer you the right conversation course for all language levels from A1-C2. You will have the opportunity to prove and practice your communicative competence in small groups. 

We will practice with you to talk about real life and everyday topics and you will gain more and more confidence in using the German language. With more confidence, your speaking will become easier and more fluent. For a more confident and free speaking ability, visit our conversation courses.

Online German Conversation (Speaking) Course Prices

Our conversation courses are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). We offer three different levels:


4 Weeks
9 Live Speaking Hours* per Week
3 days per Week
Progressive talk with native speakers
Aimed towards understanding and speaking daily expressions in everyday life
Total 36 Online Speaking Hours
20% off**


4 Weeks
9 Live Speaking Hours* per Week
3 days per Week
Progressive talk with native speakers
Aimed towards discussing about more complex topics and situations 
Total 36 Online Speaking Hours
20% off**


4 Weeks
9 Live Speaking Hours* per Week
3 days per Week
Progressive talk with native speakers
Aimed towards actively participating a conversation at native speaker level
Total 36 Online Speaking Hours
20% off**
*1 Speaking Hour equals 45 minutes.
**Discounted price is valid until 31.05.2022

Online Conversation Course at One Glance

Course Level
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
Course Place
Online Session via Zoom
Start Date
18 July 2022
Course Scope
36 Live Study Hours (1 SH: 45 Minutes)
Course Sections
1: Mo. W. Fr. - 19:00 - 22:00 UTC +3
2: Mo. W. Fr. - 09:00 - 12:00 UTC +3
3: Sat. Sun. - 10:00 - 14:30 UTC +3
Course Duration
4 Weeks (9 Study Hours Per Week)
5 - 12 Student
Course Price

Conversation Course A1 - A2

In this conversation course you will slowly become familiar with the German language and culture. It is especially suitable for beginners who still have little knowledge but want to improve their communication skills in a short time. Furthermore, it is very important for us that you already gain confidence and security in these beginning courses, so that you can move on to the next courses more confidently and become more secure in your use of the German language.

If you want to join our conversation courses A1-A2 directly after our A1.1 intensive course, this is very easy. This is because we expand your vocabulary in such a way that you not only consolidate your speaking at A1 level, but also carefully introduce you to the next level A2. We guarantee that you will have fun communicating more and more in German in everyday life.

A1 - A2 Conversation Course program includes:

Expanding vocabulary through vocabulary exercises.
Communicative and action-oriented games; role-playing, scenario games, etc.
Playful training of various everyday situations.
Conversations and mini-dialogues with a view to situations typical of everyday life, e.g. shopping, living, going to a restaurant, making an appointment, telling and understanding the time, asking for and giving information, etc.

After completion of the A1 - A2 Conversation Course you will be able to..

Participate in conversations about everyday topics.
Participate in discussions on familiar topics.
Express opinions and thoughts to some extent.
Understand and use cultural proverbs and idioms.

Conversation Course B1 - B2

B1 - B2 level conversation course is suitable for participants who already have some knowledge of German, but perhaps still don't really dare to say something because you still lack the routine in speaking. We will help you to efficiently and sustainably improve your conversational skills without any problems and to make fast learning progress.

We will expand your vocabulary and your confidence in speaking, so that you will be able to communicate and justify your views, experiences as well as goals, dreams and hopes with confidence in a short time.

B1- B2 Conversation Course program includes:

Expanding vocabulary through vocabulary exercises.
Communicative and action-oriented games; role-playing, scenario games, etc.
Dialogues and discussion materials focusing on situations and problems typical of everyday life, e.g. advantages and disadvantages of certain and sometimes controversial topics or areas of personal interest.

After completion of the B1 - B2 Conversation Course you will be able to..

Cope with most situations encountered when traveling in the language area.
Participate without preparation in conversations on topics that are familiar to you, of personal interest, or that relate to everyday topics such as family, hobbies, work, travel, current events.
Briefly explain and justify your opinions.
Give a clear and detailed account of many topics in your areas of interest.
Explain a point of view on a current issue and give advantages and disadvantages of different options.
Report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals, and give brief reasons or explanations for plans and opinions.
Hold an understandable conversation with native speakers.

Conversation Course C1 - C2

C1  - C2 level conversation course is for students who are already advanced in the German language and culture. You speak the language very well and make only a few accent and grammar mistakes. If you want to work on your accent, expand your vocabulary and clarify your sentence structure, our conversation course is for you.

We will help you to speak without accent, more fluently and faster. You will be able to converse more freely in public with native speakers and understand and use semi-advanced colloquial sentence structures.

C1 - C2 Conversation Course program includes:

Expanding vocabulary through vocabulary exercises.
Specific exercises in which you can develop and express your opinion on topics.
Controversial topics (current or general) that can be discussed together in groups and/or in plenary.
Also opportunities to watch and talk about film clips without subtitles if you wish, and to choose radio plays or short texts as speaking prompts.

After completion of the C1 - C2 Conversation Course you will be able to..

Present complex issues in detail, connecting thematic points.
Elaborate on certain aspects and conclude your contribution appropriately.
Present and discuss issues clearly, fluently and in a style appropriate to the situation.
Structure your presentation logically, making it easier for the audience to recognize and remember important points.
Express themselves spontaneously and fluently without having to search for clearly recognizable words more often.
Use language effectively and flexibly in social and professional life.
Express your thoughts and opinions precisely and skillfully link your own contributions with those of others.
Participate effortlessly in all conversations and discussions
Speak fluently and accurately express finer nuances of meaning.
In the event of difficulties in expression, be able to restart and rephrase so smoothly that it is hardly noticeable.

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24 Apr 2023

Sum of the Advantages of edugerman Online Conversation Course

Our conversation course is designed to fulfill all the speaking needs of German language students
You'll learn to speak more confidently and freely.
Your grammar skills will be deepened and your speaking will become more fluent day by day.
You converse with other nice people in German
You will expand your vocabulary and learn to use relevant expressions in the right context.
You learn about typical speaking mistakes that you or other learners make.
You can be as active as you want.
You can be accessible from anywhere.

What Our Students Said About Us...

Since my wife is a German citizen, I needed to get a family reunification visa and for this I was asked to prove my A1 level proficiency. While working as a journalist, I signed up for a German course. I took lessons for about a month, but German is a difficult language and I still could not understand the basic logic of the language. Moreover, since it coincided with the pandemic period, bureaucratic procedures were quite tight and I needed to be hurry up. In the meantime, I found Edugerman through my wife's search. I took lessons from Mrs. Betül and what I learned on the first day made me feel like I was in a different place. I took the A1 exam before completing the course and got my certificate.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to take a placement test before the conversation course?

    If you have not taken any of our online intensive courses before, we would recommend that you take a placement test to make exactly sure that you are at the appropriate level.

  • Can I join the A1-A2 conversation course directly after the A1.1 intensive course?

    In principle, you can. However, we recommend that you aim for an A1-A2 conversation course only after completing our A1.2 intensive course.

  • I have taken a course outside of the edugerman online courses, can I still participate in the conversation courses?

    If you are sure that you have the level, you can of course participate in our conversation course. To be sure, we recommend you to take our placement test.

  • Are there differences between the free and additional conversation lessons offered in the online intensive courses (A1-C2)?

    The additional and free conversation lessons in the online intensive courses rehearse with you once again in more detail the speaking exercises that were briefly introduced in the respective course during the lecture and prepare you for the oral exam. Through real communication situations, you will learn to master the exercises with correct speaking intention and means of speech. An example would be; making an appointment. In conversation classes, however, you will speak more freely and spontaneously about real-life and everyday topics. In our previous example, in addition to making an appointment, you would now be able to tell who you are meeting with, why they are meeting, your plans and desires, etc.

  • Should I take an additional conversation course after my online intensive course?

    We would absolutely recommend a conversation course following our online intensive courses, as our conversation courses allow you to use your speaking skills more freely, in some cases without being tied down. You will gain confidence and your German will become more fluent. In addition, through the input of our qualified teachers, you will find fun in communicating in the target language and getting to know the German culture better.

  • Do I get a discount if I join a conversation course directly after finishing my online intensive course?

    If you have gone through an online intensive course with us one month prior to our conversation course, the favorable Intern rate applies to you. This corresponds to a 10% discount.

  • Do I get a certificate after the conversation course?

    After our conversation courses, we do not issue certificates.

Next course starts at

24 Apr 2023


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