Reading is a comprehension activity

Reading is a skill that is very important in our everyday lives, and is considered one of the most important skills in foreign language acquisition. Reading literacy as a skill is understood as "understanding, using, and reflecting on written texts." So, not only does one read the text, but one must also understand the text and connect the information from the text to one's prior knowledge and experience. Then one can return to the text and read between the lines. While reading, we gain information, process this information further and sort it. In your reading process, we mainly support you, with specific reading strategies. Likewise, you will be prepared for the text before the reading process, supported with exercises during the reading and after the reading, so that you can actively engage with the text through your prior knowledge and interpretation skills.

Here are just a few of our methods in edugerman:

  • Closed-ended exercise types such as multiple choice, true-false, associogram, matching exercise, etc.
  • text anticipation, reception, supplementation, comparison, pictorial realization, graphic realization, scenic realization
  • Clarify key concepts
  • "Reading between the lines"
  • Ask questions to text and answer questions
  • Find key-words

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24 Apr 2023


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