Efficient vocabulary teaching

Vocabulary represents a central and fundamental area in learning a foreign language and is also an important component of communicative competence. Unfortunately, however, learning new vocabulary is not always easy for learners because the individual words are less systematic, which for many learners only leads to stubborn cramming of vocabulary lists. This self-directed learning outside of class may show short-term success, but it turns out that much of the vocabulary is forgotten again after the vocabulary test. Therefore, vocabulary needs to be introduced, consolidated and practiced efficiently. In our online courses, vocabulary acquisition is effectively promoted both in class and out of class through our special teaching method.

In the live sessions, you will learn a specific number of words (verbs, adjectives, nouns) each week, in addition to the learning vocabulary of each lesson. This will be introduced and taught through specific learning strategies. You will not learn the words alone, but always in context and in sentences. And at the end of the course you will have learned all the verbs of each level.

Furthermore, we support your vocabulary learning outside of class with extra supplementary programs that reinforce vocabulary practice through specific repetition intervals.

So, through our special learning process you will get a chance to learn new vocabulary in a structured way. To internalize them quickly and easily and to repeat and expand the learned vocabulary regularly. Thus, you will develop an active vocabulary that you will not forget in the long run.

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24 Apr 2023


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