Listening Becomes Understanding

Listening comprehension is considered a basic skill and is the skill most frequently required in everyday life. For this reason, listening comprehension also plays a key role in foreign language teaching.

In order to effectively promote this area of competence, listening comprehension must be specifically trained and practiced. In our online courses, this is done mainly through listening texts that are intended to prepare students for understanding conversations. They are used both in live sessions and outside of class. First, listening comprehension is facilitated by activating prior knowledge and then various methods are used to practice listening comprehension. This is because, according to the following statistics, it is easier to acquire a foreign language when different sub-skills are linked and learned holistically:

  • Listening achieves 20%
  • Seeing achieves 30%
  • Seeing and hearing 50%
  • Seeing, hearing and discussing 70%
  • Seeing, hearing, discussing and performing 90%.
    That's why we support you outside of the live sessions with various exercises and text types, such as videos and films…..
    Standardized language exams specifically test listening comprehension as a skill in order to obtain a recognized certificate. That's why we train you specifically from the beginning, in plenary, in tests, in the written and oral exams.

Here are just a few of our methods:

  • Listening to dialogues
  • Answering questions about the listening text
  • Repeating
  • Assigning answers
  • Global, selective and controlled listening exercises
  • Phonetics exercises

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