Explicit grammar teaching

It is well known that both in foreign language teaching the teaching of grammar plays an essential role. Thus, anyone who wants to learn a foreign language must have a good knowledge of grammar. This includes not only learning dry rules, but vocabulary, semantics, phonetics and much more. You will not suffer from mere difficult grammar theories, but will be introduced to grammatical structures in an efficient and fun way.

First of all, the grammar rules will be explained to you with good and simple explanations. After that, the grammar topic will be simplified and made clear for you (for this you will get plenty of additional materials, such as grammar charts, posters, pictures, sketches, word lists, etc.) After you have been familiarized with the grammatical structures, the topics will be embedded in everyday communication situations, so that you will not only become familiar with words and sentences, but also with the respective contexts. The goal of our online course is to expand your linguistic ability and improve your explicit (conscious) grammar knowledge.

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24 Apr 2023


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