Conscious Learning with German Speaking Exercises

Speaking in a foreign language is the most important but also the most complex skill of all. Learners therefore often have difficulties in oral communication. They find it difficult to communicate with native speakers in everyday life situations.

However, these difficulties can be easily overcome through successful piloting. Our qualified teachers will support you with effective and correct methods, so that you will quickly develop a conscious ability to speak. In addition, you will develop communicative competence. I.e. you will learn not only the correct pronunciation, certain vocabulary and basic grammar-syntax structures, but also which words you will use in which order with which speech intention, which means of speech you will need for this and how you can implement the learned means of speech.

You will be taught communication strategies that will help you to quickly and easily master situationally appropriate linguistic behavior.

Your communicative use will also be supported by authentic language materials, dialogue cards, speech lists, vocabulary lists, model dialogues, interesting speech inputs and much more.

Furthermore, throughout the course you will be regularly trained with written and oral exercises; vocabulary exercises, vocabulary tests, lesson tests, etc.

In order for you to be able to "speak freely" at the end of the course, you will be intensively trained only with speaking exercises during the conversation weeks. I.e. no grammar explanations or topics are covered, but you will be given authentic communication situations and interaction patterns that will prepare you specifically for real communication. You will have to cope with monologic and dialogic as well as communicative and simulative speaking exercises.

After each sub-level (after only 4 weeks) you will get the opportunity to master your learned knowledge in the Written and Oral Exam.

In the oral exam, we look at whether you can communicate in an understandable and coherent way, whether you can ask questions appropriate to the situation and respond to your interlocutor with an appropriate reaction, and much more. Other criteria that are equally important to us are: appropriate task completion, flexible vocabulary, understanding grammar skills, clear pronunciation, intonation appropriate to the situation, coherent cohesion, and much more. Through our created written and oral exam constellations you will be able to pass certificate exams easily and without stress!

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24 Apr 2023


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